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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 17, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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don't show up to a demonstration or a movie with an rpg. >> brian: yeah. >> steve: so right about that. anyway, i'm sure we'll be talking about this again tomorrow. we got lots of really special stuff in the after the show show. so log on. see you tomorrow. bill: good monday morning, everyone. fox news alert with anti-american violence across the northeast and africa is now spreading again. [shouting] this is the scene in kabul, afghanistan. hundreds of afghans throwing rocks. good morning, everyone, hope your weekend was grand. we start another week on america's news newsroom, not quite knowing what we'll get to. >> i'm heather nauert in for martha maccallum.
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heather: in indonesia another attempt to burn down an american embassy. throwing makeshift bombs and starting fires outside the mission. bill: we want to starting with the i don't know nor powell in afghanistan. what is the latest. conor? >> we have controlled protests not only in kabul. today's protest was more of a riot. hundreds of afghans took to the streets not far from the american embassy. they were throwing robs, burning tires. 45 afghan police officers were injured as part of this riot. it has more after staged protest as opposed to a genuine outpouring of anger over the anti-islamic film. many of the protesters were
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young boys, eight, nine, 10 years old and teenage boys. this didn't seem like a mass protest but something whipped up to create anti-american anger here in afghanistan. bill: four americans were killed in what is considered an insider attack. what is the level of concern about this, conor is it. >> reporter: not only four americans but two british soldiers were killed. this is the biggest problem facing the u.s. military in large part because building up the afghan security forces is first priority here. they're turning their weapons on u.s. and international mentors at an alarming rate. it is undermining the trust. today i have to say the afghan security forces reported well here in kabul. they took to the streets. they were organized. they didn't fire on the protest iters. there were particuarlyly problems with insider attacks attacks on u.s. and coalition troops.
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bill: conor powell live in kabul. heather has more. heather: let's get a sense how widespread this is. look at some of the protests over the past week. here is a map and it marks at least 50 demonstrations reported so far from great britain all the way to australia. since friday the most violent protests have been in pakistan, lebanon, tunisia, yemen and the sudan. there is no sign of this slowing down. coming up we'll go live to tunisia for the latest on the unrest there. bill: kicked off there over the weekend. first now the attacks are raising questions whether or not u.s. foreign policy is to blame. senator john mccain thinks so, saying that the u.s. is not involved enough in tackling the region's problems. have a listen. >> it's disengagement. prior to 9/11 we had a policy of containment. then after 9/11 it was confrontation with the terrorists and al qaeda. now it is disengagement. every time, you just saw the
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spokespersons, we're leaving iraq, we're leaving afghanistan, we're leaving the area, the people in the area are having to adjust and they believe the united states is weak and they are taking appropriate action. bill: also over the weekend congressman mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee and former fbi agent echoed that sentiment. >> the countries of middle east believe there is a disengagement policy by the united states and that lack of leadership there or at least clarity on what our position is causing problems. i, if we all decide to rally around the video as the problem we're going to make a serious mistake and we're going to make i think diplomatic mistakes as we move forward if we think that is the only reason people are showing up at our embassy to conduct acts violence. bill: the romney campaign says the obama administration is failing to throughout that part of the world. heather: there is more trouble brewing between
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israel and iran as a nightmare scenario could be coming close to reality. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the iran will be the on the brink of nuclear capabilities in just six months. he use ad metaphor to describe the new emergency and claims that iran is developing nuclear power for peaceful purposes. listen to this. >> denies the holocaust, promises to wipe out israel and engages in terror throughout the world. like timothy mack say walking into to a shop in oklahoma city, i like to tend my garden. i want to buy fertilizer. how much do you want? i don't know, 20,000 pounds. heather: that is something we can all relate to, that metaphor. rick leventhal live in jerusalem. good morning and what is the reaction to the prime minister's comments over there in israel? >> reporter: we heard from the former chief of israel's
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intelligence service says a preemptive strike against iran would be recless and irresponsible but for the most part the government is quiet here because offices are closed in observance of rosh hashanah, the jewish new year. the streets are empty. israelies have been hearing tough talk for weeks. he said yesterday israel has the right to act to defend itself but wants the u.s. and president obama to draw that red line in the sand. he compares iran to the militants storming u.s. embassies across the middle east and non-africa and europe e he says iranians are fanatics and within six months they will have 90% of the enriched-uranium for an at tom bomb. netanyahu said he may not wait until november to see what happens. >> i will not be drawn into the american election. what is guiding my statements is not the american political calendar but the iranian nuclear calendar. >> reporter: critics say
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that the prime minister is in fact involved in the u.s. election rand wants to see mitt romney win the white house, heather. heather: rick, tell us about this. iran is now responding to this. what are they saying? >> reporter: absolutely. the commander of iran's revolutionary guard responding with tough talk of its own saying iran will smother israel with missiles if it tries to attack iran. he says he has an arsenal including the shahab missiles capable of striking every inch of israeli territory. militants will launch strikes across the borders of israel and threatens to block the strait of hormuz to disrupt oil shipments and attack military bases in the region but netanyahu said it would be more dangerous not to act. >> they're in the red zone. they are in the last 20 yards. you can't less them cross that goal line. you can't let them score a touchdown because that would have unbelievable consequenceses grievous
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consequences. >> reporter: perhaps coincidentally or not the british and u.s. navies are holding war games in the persian gulf for the next couple of weeks, heather. heather: rick leventhal in jerusalem for us this morning. thanks so much. bill, you have more on that. bill: there is a new round of fire power heading to the persian gulf as iran and israel move to a possible military showdown. biggest waraw)
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bill: deadly homicide bombing in baghdad killing at least seven people. authorities say the bomber drove a car packed with explosives into the gates of the heavily guarded green zone which houses the parliament and several western embasssis. at least 31 people were injured. so far no claim of responsibility but just last week al qaeda in iraq launched a string of deadly attacks across the country warning there could be more trouble to come. we'll see where we go this week. these headlines populace week. without a lot of anticipation frankly and they really started jumping on thursday and friday. sometimes these international incidents, they pop up and they go away. we're not quite sure with this one. heather: no end in sight just yet. we're just getting started this morning.
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he planned to blow up a car bomb right in the middle of downtown chicago? we'll tell you how the feds stopped this guy in his tracks. plus this. [shouting] bill: they almost had a deal but the chicago teachers union balked at the last second, heather. this as the strike stretches into a second week and thousands of kids have no school to go to again today. so what do they want? we're live in the windy city rather on that. heather: despite evidence to the contrary the white house sticking to its guns saying that the deadly embassy attack in libya was quote, spontaneous. >> the fbi is the, has the lead in this investigation. the information, the best information and the best assessment we have today is that in fact this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. heather: you heard it right there. coming up the critics who say that statement is simply preposterous. ♪
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♪ . heather: new protests around the country to tell you about today as the occupy wall street movement marks its one-year anniversary. demonstrators gathered near the new york stock exchange. marches and rallies are planned in more than 30 cities across the country. occupy wall street started as a protest they call the one percent, the wealthiest part of the american population. the movement fell apart after the people were thrown out of their encampment. bill: government says the protests were spontaneous. susan rise, the u.n. ambassador to the u.n. on "fox news sunday" saying violence stems solely from the reaction to a anti-muslim video. >> the fbi has the lead in the this investigation. the information, the best information and the best assessment we have today is that in fact this was not a preplanned, premeditated
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attack. that what happened initially was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. as a consequence of the video. bill: so the president of libya says that is not the case. that it was absolutely planned and likely, probably the work of militants linked to al qaeda. here at home senator john mccain had his own take on matters. >> most people don't bring rocket-propelled grenades and heavy weapons to a demonstration. that was an act of tear or. and for anyone to disagree with that fundamental fact i think is really ignoring the facts. bill: so what do we make of this now? kt mcfarland, fox news national security analyst, stephen hayes, senior writer for "the weekly standard" and a fox news contributor. good morning to both of you. start with the ladies, kt, this is really going back and forth. how are we to understand this? >> there is something very fishy going on here.
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susan rice, ambassador of united nations has no line on this. she is not involved with he is embassies overseas or intelligence. should be secretary of state, head of the fbi is talking about this. to me what this is the administration knows it has been caught red-handed. this was not spontaneous. it was preplanned. it was not just in a response to a youtube video. this is a large movement. it is going to go throughout from the mediterranean to afghanistan. i think the whole region is going to potentially go up in flames and this is an attempt by administration to get out in front of it. wasn't our fault. just a response to a movie. bill: kt, there is a question here as to why. why would the approach be this way? because the, the assumption there is that they're trying to hide something from us. >> look, they know that their policies, whatever is happening is not good. it is not going to look good right before the election. what they're trying to do is get out in front to place
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the blame elsewhere so nobody can blame them for a failed middle east policy. if they're so worried about a youtube movie, what will happen when the bin laden movie comes out? the administration movie they worked on with hollywood film-makers. if they're worried about.taken just reaction to movies that depict muslims in a bad light the bin laden movie will be the movie of all movies. bill: steve, what strikes me there as you said there is a pattern here and this is the case you're making. pattern of what? >> we've seen this before. what has been interesting if you go back and look at the way
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president was claiming that he was simply a isolated extremist. they had to back on that. we saw same pattern bombing in times square with shahzad where the administration came out with the janet napolitano and said this is one-off event. he doesn't have any contacts. he is not involved with any terrorist networks. we later found out a week later, eric holder, the attorney general, had to come out and say this was financed by pakistani taliban. he had trained there and been coordinated and been directed by --. bill: you think there is motivation behind that explanation? the question is why is that? >> kt has it right. this is embarrassing. seven weeks before the
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election. this leading from behind of the obama doctrine is up in flames in the middle east. it hasn't been effective. we've seen the effects the, idea that the united states would be withdrawing from the region, withdrawing from afghanistan, withdrawing from iraq, lessening our footprint, doing everything we can to take a start sort of a step back suggests this does not work. bill: k. it, you wrote our producers earlier today that the administration is running scared. away from what? >> if you look at the entire region it is about to go up in flames all the way from the atlantic ocean to pakistan and afghanistan. middle east, arab spring, middle east is hijacked by islamic terrorists. israel, we never had poorer relations with israel. they're feeling isolated. potentially makes it much more likely. syria is in flames with assassinations. 20,000 people have already been killed. iraq and american ally, we fought a war there, now a iranian puppet in a sense it is helping the iranians.
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iran closer to nuclear weapons. afghanistan we will end up shooting our way out because we gave a deadline of withdrawal. pakistan, $20 billion later america is considered enemy number one. the entire region has been badly mishandled and the administration doesn't want the politicals into around it. bill: foreign policy is front and center. it is all the headlines. >> look is what is happening in the world. i'm surprises mitt romney, who rushed forward injected himself in the story, was defenseable if questionable now seems to be backing off and not pressing argument. i think he made a solid substantive argument earlier. it is surprising to see him back off a little bit. i would think he would want to press his case a little bit more. bill: we'll talk more about the politics next hour with brit hume on all of that. kt mcfarland thank you. stephen hayes, thanks for your insight. 20 minutes past. here's heather. heather: more questions
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about the response from the state department and the white house to the violence taking place in the muslim world. why one of our next guests says that the president is blaming the victims. we'll have a fair and balanced detate that is coming up. bill: a muslim teenager package car what he thinks are explosives ands to set it off in downtown chicago. why the bomb is fake and the teen is behind bars. >> he is upset and listen to him in conversations with my kids all the time. and the conversation, i mean they even spoke religion because we're baptists and it was never anything like, you know, we hate americans or anything like that. [ male announcer ] this is the land of giants. ♪ home of the brave. ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪ and certain men... find a way to rise above.
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heather: good morning. it is now 25 minutes after the hour and a chicago
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teenager charged with trying to set off a car bomb outside a bar in downtown chicago is expected to make his first court appearance today. the 18-year-old was arrested friday during an undercover operation by agents who were pretending to be terrorists. mike tobin joins us live from chicago this morning. good morning, mike. what happened here? >> reporter: good morning, heather. it started back in may according to the fbi after he had been posting violent material online about jihad. he was ultimately contacted by fbi agents and according to the affidavit they put together a bomb plot. fbi agents gave him dud parts for a bomb. and that jeep cherokee was parked outside after bar in chicago's loop. the fbi agent claim they say hum pull the trigger on the inert bomb. he is looking at federal charges. attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and
6:26 am
attempting to dea building by means of explosive. as you mentioned he has his first court appearance this afternoon, heather. heather: we've seen this play out before and elsewhere. tell us about that. >> reporter: we've seen it play out in chicago. previously in september 2010 an individual met with under cover fbi agents. they sudden ply him with parts of a dud bomb put in a backpack. the backpack was placed in a garbage can outside after bar near chicago's wrigley field. very similar attempt like the attempted bombing at the christmas tree light bombing in portland, oregon. fbi agents counter this criticism that they're entrapping bombing suspects saying they give them multiple opportunities to back out, heather. heather: thank you so much. we'll talk with you later from chicago. >> reporter: you got it. bill: a lot of news is happening in chicago. we'll get back there in a moment. could be a nightmare scenario it iran. race little's leaders say
6:27 am
they're months away from nuclear weapon in iran. why benjamin netanyahu says doing nothing set as new human standard for stupidity. heather: they're some of the highest paid teachers in the entire country. i believe this is a live look what is going on in chicago right now. school is still out there. we thought kids would be going back to school today. well, that is not the case. we'll take a look what the teachers union wants from folks there as hundreds of thousands of school students remain locked out of the classroom. >> we had a very educational week last week and we made best use of our time visiting all the great museums in chicago. i'm glad the teachers are almost done. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning.
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and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. bill: so here we go, week number two. chicago students remain locked out the classroom for a second straight week starting today after the city failed a reach an agreement this weekend with a teachers union that is walking the line and failed to find an agreement that would end the strike. >> what do we want? >> fair contract. >> when do we want it? >> now. bill: now the city's mayor, rahm emanuel, heading to court in the latest effort to force teachers to return to their classroom. steve brown live in chicago. back on the sidewalk. what's the hold up now, steve? >> reporter: well, we had a deal last friday, at least a tentative one and it was thought this activity, the mick getting, -- picketing
6:32 am
might end on monday and they would vote whether or not to end the streak. after spending weekend putting all the ideas agreed to down on paper and house of delegates looking at it on sunday it was thought they needed more time. the bottom line concern for the union is that they do not trust the administration. >> a lot of the membership feels that the board has betrayed our trust. with administrations, my ad administration is very trustworthy and very lucky and i'm very grateful with that i have worked for other administrators that are not trustworthy. so i can understand where many of the house of delegates are coming from. >> reporter: more specifically, if there is a person they do not trust in this scenario it is the mayor. keep in mind they basically extended the school day. the mayor extended the school day without teacher input and that create ad lot
6:33 am
of hard feelings that have not gone away. bill: he wants to go to court right now, the mayor does, rahm emanuel, to force teachers back to work. how could that work? >> essentially seeking an injunction to make the teaches, order teachers back to work. essentially his argument is this. what it comes down to the disputed points apparently are all covered by state law or at least controlled by state law. his point is, if it is all about state law, then therefore they really can not continue this strike legally. they would be in violation of state law. he will have to find a judge to agree with him to get the injunction but injunctions can be appealed, remember. bill: thank you, steve brown on the sidewalk there. a bit of a background on the financial crunch that the chicago public schools are facing. the school board projected a $3 billion deficit over the next three years. right now public school teachers salaries in chicago average about $75,000 a year. also as it stands the
6:34 am
chicago public school district spend about $13,000 per student. heather: well the moment of truth is now fast approaching in the middle east. the israeli prime minister warning over the weekend that iran is just six months away from being able to build an atomic bomb. speaking to american audiences he lays out the danger of this. listen to what he had to say. >> the same fanaticism storming your embassy today. do you want these fatality gnat ticks having nuclear weapons? some say iran having nuclear weapons would stablize the middle east? stablize the middle east? i think people that say that is a new stored standard for human stupidity. heather: we have a fox news military analyst. good morning to you. let's talk about this. we heard that six months out but yet we also heard leon panetta say last week they are a year out the u.s. believes from building a
6:35 am
nuclear weapon. does the timing of this even matter? >> well yes it does but here here's what actually happens, heather. cia and mossad, the two intelligence services representing each country and they look at the data together and pretty much agree. when it gets to the u.s. lawmakers the time has to move to and right. when it gets to the israeli policymaker, in this case the prime minister, we're running out of time. i'm somewhat sympathetic to netanyahu. he knows this. he knows the intel analysts have been dead wrong in the past. the iranians stopped their nuclear development program in 2003. we did not know that until 2007. and then they restarted it again and we did not know that until two years later. so he doesn't want, he doesn't want to bet the surviveability of the nation-state on a wrong intelligence analysts report. heather: of course not. you buy israel's intelligence over the united states and what we are learning here, is that
6:36 am
right? >> that's not what i said. the cia and the mossad, they look at the same intelligence and come to the same conclusion. the policymakers come to different conclusions and i'm sympathetic to netanyahu because he is betting the surviveability of israel on that analysis. and therefore in his judgment he's running out of time and i think he's right. heather: okay. the united states continued to say it will take no options off the table including military options but iran not necessarily believing us on that. where do things stand with regard to that? >> well, not only does iran not believe that but my sources tell me netanyahu doesn't believe it and i think that's why you saw him injecting himself into the united states here yesterday and certainly prior to the election. i think what he is trying to do is get a commitment out of the president, out of this administration prior to that election because he is concerned that if the president is reelected, he will not get a commitment and iran will eventually
6:37 am
develop a nuclear weapon or force israel to take military action. heather: we talk sometimes about an october surprise. do you see iran doing anything between now and the election? >> no. the iranians are very skiddish about the united states, despite all the rhetoric that they have. the one thing the iranians do not want to do is get into a war with the united states because we're the only country in the world that can change the regime and the reason why they want the nuclear weapon, it guaranties the preservation of the regime and they can use it politically.influence the region. heather: in terms of just sort of the u.s. military capability, we all know we have the best military in the world but frankly our folks are kind of tired. we've had more than a decade fighting on multiple locations. something were to come to it, does the united states have the capability, the strength, the money in order to go after iran if it has to do so to protect itself and or israel? >> iran is the number one strategic enemy of the united states. they have vast influence in
6:38 am
the region. they have been killing us since 1980. they literally killed thousands of americans using their terrorist proxies to do that and sometimes by focusing on a nuclear weapon we ignore what iran is all about. they want us out of the region so they can have regional hegemony and dominate that region. we've been on a collision course with the iranians for 30 plus years and i think some kind of clash is inevitable. they do not fear the clash in the sense but they clear the potential outcome. so they will do everything they can do to avoid that military clash with the united states. heather: all right. general jack keane, thank you so much. we'll have to leave it there. we'll talk to you real soon as the situation continues to develop. bill: meanwhile as the violent protests spread across the muslim world some prominent republicans are say that the president's foreign policy that has directly contributed to the unrest. we'll look at that and see
6:39 am
whether or not that is a fair statement. heather: a new twist in a decades old murder case. a green beret doctor accused of murdering his entire family back in 1970. he will be back in court hoping for a new look at old evidence that could potentially set him free. >> it took a long time for me to come to grips with the fact that i was alive and less injured than my family. i'm sitting in prison an innocent man because the government prosecutor was a liar man 1: i want facts. strait talk. tell me your plan... and what it means for me. woman 2: i'm tired of the negative ads and political spin. that won't help me decide. man 2: i earned my medicare and social security. and i deserve some answers. anncr: where do the candidates stand on issues that... affe seniors today and in the future? find out with the aarp voters' guide at
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heather: good morning. 42 minutes after the hour. time for a quick look at today's headlines. the u.s. and japan agreeing on a second missile defense system today. u.s. secretary of defense leon panetta making the announcement on the start of his week long tour of the region. an iranian foundation increasing the reward of a killing after british author who offended islam. the half a million dollar increase is said related to the middle east violence. a russian soyuz capsule
6:43 am
made a safe landing on earth today. the crew returned at home after spending more than 120 days at the international space station. bill: a long him, huh? talk about a road trip. new fallout after some critics accuse the obama administration for blaming the victims this violence in the middle east. have a listen as the president and secretary of state hillary clinton condemn not the actions of the protesters about what you they claim sparked the protests themselves. >> the nights united states condemns in the strongest terms this outrage just and shocking attack. >> we have the greatest respect for people of faith. to us, to me personally, this video is disgusting and reprehensible. bill: so that initial response promoting this reaction from "daily beast" columnist kirsten powers who writes at apparently our foreign policy is being run by "dr.
6:44 am
phil." someone needs to explain to the white house that our constitution protects freedom of religion, from government interference, not the protection from people who say mean, critical or offensive things about one's religion. there is nor from that. the author of the column, kirsten powers with me. editor for "national review", rich lowery, both fox news contributors. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: often you come on and debate the issues and there is little agreement. i sense there is a lot of agreement on this today. what do you mean by "dr. phil", kirsten? >> there is a lot of good feelings, we have to empathize and really be concerned, the government needs to be concerned about not hurting the feelings of religious people, though of course it is not really religious people, it is really muslims because we know you can criticize christians and jews with impunity and nobody seems to care. so i think that they need to remember what their job is and the oath they're
6:45 am
supposed to uphold is not to protect people from having their feelings hurt or from being offended. they're supposed to be upholding our right to free speech actually. instead they are out pursuing this filmmaker who has not violated any law related to this film. apparently he may be in violation of parole but usually the u.s. government don't go hunting down people who violate parole. bill: you wonder, have they dropped the ball on this so far, rich? has the message been wrong? rich, can you hear me. >> can you hear me snirgs i can hear you. >> okay. i can hear you. bill: go for it. >> i'll start all over again. i can't improve on anything kirsten said or she wrote in that column i would just take it a little further. it is more insidious than sort of "dr. phil"ism we'll avoid being insensitive to people. there is longstanding agenda in the islamic world to crack down on free speech and to ban so-called
6:46 am
blasphemy. what has been so disturbing over the last week and began with the idiotic press release from our embassy in egypt and has continued in some of this language we've seen and now going after this filmmaker the administration is apriling the reasoning and some of the language of folks who really think free speech shouldn't be absolute. there should be exception for offending muslims. that is deeply disturbing. it is offensive to our longstanding liberty abouts and if we give the signal that we're giving in to that it will be a warrant for rioting again and again and again to bully us into giving up our liberties. bill: i don't imagine you disagree with that, do you, kirsten. >> that is absolutely right. bill: this is what also you write by the way. you say our leaders should not let our enemies know when they kill our people and attack our embassies that the u.s. government will act like a battered wife making excuses for a psychotic husband. wake up. we were not attacked because of a movie made by american.
6:47 am
we were attacked because they are crazy religious fanatics that hate the united states. >> there is so much to stay. watching interviews over the weekend with ambassador rice. it was aggravating to continue to hear them complain that the movie caused this. that somehow, a 9/11 this movie just spontaneously upset people. what happened was a bunch of radicals took this movie and riled people up and told them to go out and make attacks against the united states. it is an attack against the united states. rich is right. look, president morsi, told president obama that he should arrest this, the man who made the movie. obama can't arrest him but can have general dempsey call the pastor who supports the movie. he can get the fbi out hunting for this guy and taking him in for an interview, so-called voluntary interview. it is despicable. it is completely despicable.
6:48 am
he should be standing up for the constitution and free speech, not kowtowing to these extremists. bill: rich? >> these protests are people who have an agenda and being tolerated by governments that have an agenda. if this was really spontaneous muslim outrage, all of saudi arabia would have ex-exploded, right? there hasn't been a protest in saudi arabia. muslims here in the united states would be here in the streets. they haven't been because they understand freedom. but this is a radical group in egypt to the right of the government. you have a leader there in egypt who is very wary of criticizing anyone to his right. he wants to kowtow to those people. this is political agenda playing out and our ambassador to the u.n. is either unaware of that or not willing to be honest about it is really reprehensible. >> we'll see if her story changes throughout the week, meaning susan rice. rich thanks to you. kirsten, thanks to you as well. >> thank you. heather: this case
6:49 am
captivated the nation for years and years. a former green beret convicted of murdering his entire family back in 1970. at the time he claimed a band of hippies like the manson family actually did it. there is new technology that may allow him to walk. we'll tell you all about that in a live report are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
bill: so did the butler do it? the vatican setting a date for the trial of the former butler of pope benedict xvi. he used to help the pope get dressed and serve his meals. the butler is accused taking letters from his desk and leaking them to reporters. the documents have claims of corruption inside of the vatican as the pope wraps up a peace mission in lebanon. he urged arab leaders to work for reconciliation while he spent time in that country in the middle east.
6:53 am
>> need an ambulance. >> yes? >> medics, medics, hurry. heather: a whole lot of folks may remember a clip from that movie called, "fatal vision". it was the about the infamous case of jeffrey macdonald. that movie may need a different ending and here's why. macdonald, the green beret doctor was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife and two children in 1970. listen to this. 42 years of a the decades macdonald is getting another day in court as a judge considers new evidence that may prove his innocence. jonathan serrie is live for us outside u.s. federal court in wilmington, north carolina. good morning, jonathan. what prompted this hearing after all these years? >> reporter: good morning, heather. for 42 years jeffrey macdonald has maintained his innocence.
6:54 am
insisting i and his family were attacked almost charles manson fashion, three men and a blond woman. saying acid is groovy and kill the pigs. a known drug user now deceased reportedly admitted to being the woman in the floppy hat. later denied having any recollection of being at the crime scene. the man who directed the thin blue line writes about the mcdonald case in his new book, a wilnerness of error. >> stokely was a nuisance that would never go away. she in essence corroborated mcdonald's story. she said she was in the house that night. shouldn't the jury be allowed to hear that? >> reporter: the judge in this hearing is also expected to consider testimony from a now-deceased u.s. marshal is gave a statement a number of years ago alleging that a prosecutor in the case had threatened miss stokely with
6:55 am
charges if she testified that she was present at that crime scene. heather? heather: wow! jonathan, what are the probable outcomes of this hearing, do we know? >> reporter: well, it's possible that the judge could vacate the conviction against mr. macdonald, in which case he would be a free man although legal experts tell us it is more likely if the judge finds there is sufficient new evidence, not only that previously unheard witness testimony but also dna evidence which wasn't available back in 1970 when the crime occurred, that he would most likely call for a new trial. of course it is entirely possible that this judge will find there is not enough evidence to warrant a new trial and then this becomes just yet another chapter in jeffrey macdonald's now four decades-old struggle to prove his innocence. heather? heather: unbelievable. jonathan serrie, thank you very much. dna evidence can change things. thank you. bill: prominent republicans saying american foreign
6:56 am
policy has led directly to the violent protests overseas. we'll tell you what point they're making there when brit hume joins us live in a moment here. [shouting] you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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bill: i want to start this hour on fox news alert. nearly a week of violent protests erupt nothing mayhem yet again today. this is the scene in kabul, afghanistan. crowds rioting a u.s. military base. they wereh chants with death to america. brandt new hour and a brand-new week here. hope your weekend was grand, because we're back eight again. i'm bill hemmer, nice to see you. heather: good morning, everyone, i'm in for martha maccallum today. american citizenser being urged
7:00 am
to leave the country after the u.s. embassy came under attack and security forces are trying to track down who are responsible. they may have cornered the a person in tunisia. bill: what is the latest there. >> sorry for the phone. let me bring this down now and talk. the latest word we are hearing is there is a standoff happening in the center of tunis. a fellow is the head of the falafist shapter this extreme right fundamentalist group who is believed to be responsible for the riot who left four
7:01 am
people dead others injured around the embassy compound here last friday. the authorities have been trying to track him down since then. they made a couple of false moves on one of the houses he was staying in. he went on social media today and said he would make a declaration about this assault on the compound at his home mosque in tunis. that was an open invitation for the tphao* the t u.n. esian security to move in. there are about a thousand of tunis ian surrounding this mosque. not only is he in there but so are his followers. the latest word is they are not coming out. we have a crew here the scene. we are trying to get hard
7:02 am
confirmation and we are going to the scene to what is going on. a n.s.a. lr al sharia is one of the groups expected to be involved in the killing of american ambassador chris stevens as well as three other americans last tuesday in the consulate in benghazi in eastern libya, there is a cross border aspect to this story that is making right now in tunis. and another aspect of the story tunisia, like other countries are being hard-hit by the united states to stop the radicalism we see here in wake of the arab spring. they told me they did not see the tunisia step between the protests of the islamist and protestors the other friday that
7:03 am
did knowledge damage to the u.s. embassy, and its compound and a school nearby where about a hundred american kids were staying until about two hours before the protest. there with us a demand coming from the americans that the tunisia act against these radicals. and there was a taunt in that too. tunisia looking to america to fork over half a billion dollars in needed money over the next year to payoff loans in this economy. there is a bit of a taunt there too by the united states that, hey you come through there and then maybe we can come through with this. back to the breaking news, we'll get a hard confirm when we get our crew on the ground seeing this. about a thousand security surrounding the mosque of a radical islamist pwhraoefsd t islamist believed to be intra value to the protest last friday and the protests we are seeing
7:04 am
around the world in tuni tunis. bill: when there are more developments we'll bring you back. heather: the pentagon is deploying armed forces to several sites of anti-american violence across the globe. defense secretary leon panetta says while the violence is leveling off the protests will likely continue as we're seeing today. the crews are now prepared to protect american personnel and property. steve centanni joins us from washington this morning. good morning, steve. a lot of us are asking this question, what is being done to protect our diplomats around the world. >> the marines were sent to benghazi right after the killing. a senior government official telling reuters a platoon of u.s. marines sent to yemen are there on temporary deployment only and their role will be to protect the american embassy after it was stormed by hundreds of demonstrators last week. family members are being sent home from embassies and cons let's around the world in
7:05 am
certain trouble zones. here is what susan rice said about that. >> what we have done on a selective basis where we assess that the security conditions necessitate is to temporarily have family members and nonessential alpersonnel depart the country. that is something we do all over the world when security circumstances warrant. it's short term, it's temporary and prudent. >> reporter: rice says there i is no evidence to indicate that the attack on benghazi was prepared. butt interim president disa grows and says it looks exactly like a preplanned attack. the f.b.i. investigating and has yet to make a final determination. heather: let's transition to talk a little bit about afghanistan. it was a really rough weekend for our troops there. what do we know about what happened? >> reporter: officials saying an afghan soldier turned his weapon on a vehicle driven by nato soldiers in the south slightly
7:06 am
wounding a nato worker. this is a spring of attacks against fortress against their allies. leon panetta traveling in japan had this comment. >> this is a war. we are engaged in a war. and every day when you're engaged in war there are serious risks that confront those who fight the war. and we will do all we can to minimize those list risks. >> reporter: nato saying it's reviewing it's protocols for protecting troops in the wake of the current attack spike in those attacks. back to you. heather: steve centanni in washington. thank you so much. bill: some of this unrest spreading to the uk, the united kingdom. hundreds of demonstrators crowding the streets outside the u.s. embassy in london. the signs reading, america get out of muslim lands. police using barriers to control the group's movement there in london. heather: we are also getting word this morning some of the
7:07 am
most serious violence in the crisis in syria so far. syrian warplanes reportedly launching a heavy attack over the border with lebanon. we are getting amateur video of an air strike in the largest city. warplanes seeing flying overhead before the sound of massive explosions there. 23,000 people have died in that 18-month uprising. bill: after a week of foreign policy dominating the headlines and the political debate president obama and governor mitt romney expect to pivot to the issue for most on the minds of the voters now and that is the economy. carl cameron traveling with the republican presidential nominee, he's live in l.a. where governor romney will soon speak before the 33rd annual meeting of the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce. what is the message, good morning. >> apart from just jobs and the economy and it's laser like
7:08 am
focus that the romney campaign has had in recent months. they are making the argument that there is so much upheaval around the world and domestically as well that the framework of the election needs to change from jobs and the economy to a change of president on all fronts. the romney campaign saying that president obama amounts to a status quo reee hreb. i re-election. if change matters to the american people they should vote for mitt romney. romney will point out that president obama promised to make immigration reform a priority and he will suggest that that is yet another example of a broken obama promise. mr. romney will also go on and detail a little bit about how he would reform immigration law and the hispanic vote is obviously incredibly important not only in california but across the country. mr. romney trails by a 3% margin. in that regard mr. romney is off the pace. it's generally accepted that a republican needs to get well over the mid 30s in order to be
7:09 am
truly competitive in a general election in latinos. so a big charge ahead of eupl and thihim and this is exactly the opportunity he wanted to make to latinos that his business and economic policies will help him, particularly as he will state today that the latino community is key and tuned in to try to make small business work in america. bill: what can you add about the new ad that the romney team is releasing on the economy. >> the romney campaign is still kicking it up and trying to emphasize jobs in the economy and going after the president for lack of a strong recovery. he is out with two new ads, the romney plan talking about exactly what he would do, a five-point plan with additional detail. in the coming weeks mr. romney will argue he has a very specific five of my point plan that he will detail today, and he will say that mr. obama has
7:10 am
made promises over the years but hasn't changed the economy. romney will emphasize his desire to cut the debt and deficit. he will say that mr. obama has been week with china on policy. and obamacare is a huge dragon economy that has to be appealed. all of these is part of his domestic campaign which now he's going to argue today and beyond that it boils down you've got to get rid of president obama not just for jobs in the economy citing some of the things we are seeing overseas as well. heather: one of the big questions surrounding the anti-american rage unfolding overseas is what is really causing all of this chaos. why john mccain and other prominent republicans say it's all because of our foreign policy. we'll explain that. bill: rahm emanuel, mayor of chicago, why is he going to court? the windy city the teachers heading back to the picket line for the 6th straight day.
7:11 am
heather: dramatic details of a weekend boat launch that took an unexpected and explosive turn. >> parts went flying about as far as the horizon line on the mountains and it looked like something out of a movie. "mak"" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪'s so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one heart to heart you - you sing to♪ ♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights when it nears you.♪ ♪and you will be happy too.
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7:14 am
bill: back to the growing debate over something that is emerging as a root cause over a process. some argue a new policy overseas that they call diseven again. is what is contributing to these problems. >> it's disengagement. prior to 9/11 we had a policy of containment. then after 9/11 it was confrontation with the terrorist and al-qaida. now it's disengagement. >> countries of the middle east believe there is a disengagement policy by the united states and that lack of leadership there, or at least clarity on what our position is is causing problems. bill: let's analyze this with brit hume fox news senior
7:15 am
political analyst. how are you doing. >> reporter: good. bill: you analyze this from two different aspects, one of which is security. explain that. >> there is an operational question that has to do with whether the diplomatic around thaeu installations around the world were properly secured. i think in the case of benge the question was answered, they are rushing troops in there now to secure it. you heard the criticism from the two republicans whose sound you just played. rather than take up their points precisely i think there is another way to look at it which is this. this president imagined and said that his very election would create a kind of transformation in the way the world looked at the united states, and back in 2007 he spoke with specificity
7:16 am
about the transformation he believed would occurred in the attitudes in the muslim world. he has believed for some time that his mere presence on the world stage, would change the atmosphere. what i think we're seeing in this protest is the atmosphere very similar to the one that existed before he came along, in fact going back pre 9/11. it suggests that his attitude requires some adjustment here, and the fact that the administration persisted right through yesterday in insisting against much evidence, it seems to me, that these attacks were simply a spontaneouse responsible taeupb spontaneoua spontaneous relax because of this little video that was really seen by nobody that was the approximate cause of these attacks. you have leaders in egypt says that some of the protestors were
7:17 am
paid and we are hearing from the leader in benghazi saying that he expects al-qaida is behind it and it was arbgd an organized and preplanned. bill: and what you're saying is the speech said in cairo has to be resaid again. >> i'm remembering remarks he made in an interview on new hampshire public radio in 2007 when he said the day i'mee inaugurated not only would we as a nation look at ourselves ditch renours ourselves differently the whole world would look at u. these events suggests that not all that much as changed. bill: i want to talk about politics now, how it affects the romney campaign and the obama campaign. this is the poll we did right
7:18 am
around september 11th before the events unfold. obama has a lead in who do you trust to handle foreign policy. in some cases in these international events as you know they pop up and go away. we really don't know what is going to happen here. maybe it sticks around and it comes back to the economy again. from the romney respect how do they go about managing this. or campaigning on it or campaigning against what the policy has been by the white house. >> two things, bill. a lot will depend on what happens this week and beyond, whether this outbreak in the middle east persists and even gross. if that' even grows. if that's the case it constitutes a serious question mark placed against the obama foreign policy record, which is one he's been proud off and we all heard at the convention and elsewhere that osama bin laden is dead.
7:19 am
there's been a sense in the administration that the death of osama bin laden and other successful attacks on al-qaida leaders have left al-qaida a tiny shadow of its selfand not really a threat and we are on our way to victory there. after this this all may be viewed differently and people may begin to wonder. the question for the romney people is how do you capitalize on that? the nominee hasn't been emphasizing foreign policy that much, and his sort of hit-and-run criticism of the administration on this last week backfired at least in the mainstream media and in other precincts as well to the point where it raised the question if he needs to make a broad declaration of his policy, which is something a challenger needs to do so because it's s-fp a big part of a president's job that he needs to establish himself as
7:20 am
a authoritative and trustworthy figure on these issues. bill: thank you, bit. we'll see as the events transpire during the web. heather: just a note for you right before the break we told you about the chicago teacher's strike which is still going on but we showed you from individual sroe bacvideo back from 211, that was our mistake. governor romney making a big push on jobs today saying that his economic plan can deliver 12 million new jobs here. what is that plan? we'll particular a closer look at that. that is coming up.
7:21 am
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bill: a sunday tragedy out of tennessee, a church van colliding with an suv. two people in the van were killed and nearly a dozen other injured. as you see here the van was
7:24 am
burned to a o and witnesses say that was after attempts to put out the flames. >> there were two empty fire exwepbg wishers. i picked it up and it was empty. they already used it. they were dumping water on it. there was nothing they could do. everybody was screaming and crying. bill: the victims were 13 to 23 years old. the vehicles collided head on after one of them crossed over the center line. heather: chicago mayor rahm emanuel heading to court today to try to force thousands of teachers to get back to work. he is seek ago court order to end that strike, which he says is illegal under state law. union leaders say they need more time to look over the law to see that the teachers get a fair shake. some say the children are getting the shortened of
7:25 am
things. listen. >> there is no reason why our kids cannot be in school while the union reviews the agreement. our kids cannot be used as pawns in internal union disagreements. heather: let's talk to john fund about this the national affairs columnist for the national review. good morning, john. a lot of us thought the kids would be going back to school today. what happened? >> remember, lucy and charlie brown and the football. heather: right. >> lucy has the football there and says come, this i'm i'll get you kick it. charlie brown rushes it, lucy takes the football at the last minute, charlie flat on his back. this is playing games with the kid. if rahm emanuel thought it was illegal to go out on strike a week ago he should have south the court action a week ago. now there has been a strike for a week, the kids shal the kids
7:26 am
are still not in class. heather: why didn't they get it resolved over the summer when the kids weren't in school. >> the union kept moving the goal post. the union agreed to a knew evaluation system that said 30% of a teacher's evaluation will be test scores. now they don't like that because they think it will fire teachers. i'm sure there are many good teachers in the chicago school system. they are bound by this horrible rule book that bounds what they teach. heather: i want to just put up a list of some of the things that the teachers have issues with that they want to workout just to remind our viewers here. salary is one issue, you know the union wanted a 29% pay hike, apparently the tentative agreement gives them a 16% pay hike. you know, i just wonder what the problem is here, that sounds like a lot of money. >> the average chicago school teacher earn $76,000 a year plus benefits. the average family that pays the taxes to support that school teacher only earn $37,000 a
7:27 am
year, there is a mismatch. 8% of 11th graders pass the college readiness tests. obviously some teachers are not doing the job they should be and they should be let go if theee value weighings show they are bad teachers. heather: the problem that you point is really just too severe. >> well, look there are some families that are dysfunctional and i'm sure that's part of the reason why some students can't cope with classroom assignments, but a lot of it is simply bad teaching methods. charter schools, private skhao schools, parochial schools are all open for business. charter schools graduate 80% of their children, public schools 56%. heather: we may see more charter schools. bill: parents pulling their hair out of their head. heather: what do you do with them. bill: you're not supposed to be around right now. growing concerns that america's
7:28 am
withdrawal from overseas war zones could be sending the wrong message. >> what we're seeing now is the salafists, the islamists, understanding that this is their opening, america is in retreat. bill: why critics say it could open the door for our radical enemies to walk on through. heather: a ban on rose rebeads is sparking a real fight on fate at one school in the united states. we'll tell you about this when we come back. >> it's religious reasons, they should be allowed to wear it. we have religious tolerance in this country. >> it's a necklace, girls wear necklaces all the time and they never have them taken away.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
heather: reaction from the white house this morning as those anti-american protests continue to spread in the muslim world. hundreds of protestors burning cars, tires and also throwing rocks at a nearby u.s. military base in kabul, among other cities. whaoef white house correspondented henry is live from since natee and that's where thcincinnati, that's where the president will appear later today. >> there will be a briefing aboard air force one as they need to cincinnati. we do know what ambassador susan rice said on fox news sunday and various sunday news programs which seem to be a
7:33 am
contradiction, because libyan officials have suggested that this attack on the u.s. ambassador and three others killed last week was planned out, was premeditated. ambassador rice said just the opposite, take a listen. >> the information, the best information and the best assessment we have do is that in fact this was not a pre-planned 4, premeditated attack, that what happened initially, it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> reporter: so we'll continue to press for answers on where there seems to be a contradiction between what libyan officials are saying, what administration officials are saying, whether this was plannedout and premeditated. there are other u.s. officials, congressman mike rogers the house intelligence chairman who has suggested like libyan officials have that in fact this was planned out and premeditated heather. heather: we'll see if the white house changes its message. let's talk about the swing state of ohio, what is the president's
7:34 am
message on the campaign trail today. >> reporter: the president is feeling pretty good. he's had a lead in battleground ohio over mitt romney. very hard for mitt romney to win without carrying ohio. today his message is the administration is flying a trade enforcement action against china because of what they call unfair subsidies of autoexports, of exports as well of auto parts. that will obviously play well here in ohio with a lot of autojobs as well as michigan and wisconsin. the romney campaign is saying why did it take so long to do this. he's lost about a half million jobs during his administration, the romney camp things this is long overdue. bill: there is a growing debate over america's foreign policy about whether or not our global influence is receding. charles krauthammer says it may create dangerous option for some of our radical enemies. >> when you withdraw the power and influence from the strongest
7:35 am
country on earth from a region the vacuum will be filled. what we are seeing now is the salafists, the islamists, they see the ide of america receding from the region and they are going to fill the gap. >> jonah goldberg, how are you, good morning to you. >> hey, bill, good to be here. >> you want to take a stab at disagreeing with krout haupler.? >> i take under advisement that nobody should should ever disagree with charles. i agree with him entirely about the vacuum we are creating in the middle east, about withdrawal that a sense that obama has created that we are not going to immediate he will in middle eastern affairs when there's freedom on the march and that kind of thing. i agree with all of that. at the same time it's very difficult not to acknowledge
7:36 am
that these people have hated us when georg white house and we were in two wars in the middle east. these people have hate us in the 1990s, they hated us in the 1980s. the simple fact is i think the obama administration is sort of making a fool out of itself by blaming this all on a video. the reality is is that this sentiment is wide and deep in the middle east, it's particularly wide and deep among activist groups and jihadi groups in the middle east and hell hate us regardless. james burnham once says if there are no alternatives there are no problems. these people will hate us, whatever we do. if that is the case we should relow on our values and convictions. bill: you're arguing just deal witness and what about the film? do you think that's been used as a handy excuse? >> of course it's been used. it's an easy pretext. the question i keep asking people is what if the obama administration is right? let's take them at their word,
7:37 am
this is all about the video, none of this would have happened without the video, what does that say about the obama administration's policy, this huge reset, all of these changes in our foreign policy, pulling out of iraq if they can all be undone by a stupid, little video on youtube? i mean it shows you how insubstantial and ineffective these incredibly supposedly wonderful policies are if one crack pot in california can undue them all by posting something to youtube. it just shows you that the problem is much larger than all of this. and at least the bush and the neoconservative perspective a long-term strategy of promoting democracy in the middle east at least you know how that will end well. i'm not sure how this all ends well if it's all about placating mobs, apologizing for american strengths, apologizing for the first amendment, i don't know that that makes anything better and i can see how it would make a lot of things worse. >> some argue too that the policy has not taken root. if the roots are only shall doe
7:38 am
they can be uprooted quite easily as we saw last week. >> with one cranky video guy. bill: cheaply made. the real lesson of the last your years, a less and as much for republican isolation tph*euss as for democrats who want to lead from behind is the ancient one that weakness is provocative. how does that fit into what we're watching now? >> i think that is absolutely true. i'm not in the habit of quoting osama bin laden, but that was his whole argument between the weak horse and the strong horse. this is some place where i agree with charles krauthammer entirely. the image of america as row treating from the region and world, taking a hands-off approach and going to be a good and loyal member of the world community and the sort of cookie pusher set at the u.n. that creates the sense that there is free reign and free opportunity for a lot of bad actors in the middle east to bully around people who are searching for democracy.
7:39 am
friends of democracy need powerful friends and that used to be the defining roefl the united states in the world, it's not clear that that's the case any more. bill: we are watching this protest being organized in beirut, lebanon. the pope was there for three days. the leader of hezbollah told everybody to layoff until he was gone. it is largely peaceful. jonah goldberg, thank you. >> always good to be here. bill: heather. heather: governor romney is set to give a big speech on jobs. his plan to get america back on track. we'll break down the numbers and give you some specifics on that. bill: also that is one major pit stop, a baby in a hurry at the racetrack? even the little tike gets a bit of a prize. we'll explain. >> no way, no way and yes way, i don't think i'm going to make
7:40 am
it, well i looked down and i had a head. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as seriously: our commitment to america. bp supports nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs in communities across the country. we hired three thousand people just last year. bp invests more in america than in any other country. in fact, over the last five years, no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger.
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. bill: three people hospitalized with second degree burns after a boat explosion in arizona. the peoria fire department says that the group was launching the boat from a ramp when things went terribly wong and witnesses described what happened. >> we hear an explosion, we saw pieces flying all over the place. >> they were just launching when for some reason the engine exploded. >> boaters nearby rushing to help the victims who were also injured from flying today breath. everyone expected to recover, that's the good news. the sheriff's department investigating the cause of the explosion on board that boat. heather: let's talk politics now, with 50 days to go it's back to the economy and the presidential race. governor romney set to give a series of speeches on that and release a batch of new tv ads today explaining how a president romney would turn america around. let's look at this. >> champion small business, have tax policies, regulations and
7:44 am
healthcare policies that help small business. we put those in place, we'll add 12 million new jobs in four years. heather: let's talk to steven moore about this. a se economic writer for the "wall street journal." good morning, steven. just a little snippet there. what do we need to hear from mitt romney? what is he going to say? >> i think a lot of conservatives and republicans around the country are saying it's about time. if you listened to the speech that mitt romney gave at the republican convention it was long on profile but not a lot of details on what the president wanted to do to turn around the economy. and i think that was the weakness of the speech and one of the reasons why mitt romney's numbers haven't been very good lately. he needs to tell the american basically i do have a plan, it's substantive, he has to tell them how it's going to work. the tax restructuring plan, the energy poll seats, the deregulation of industries and bringing the deficit and debt down. those are things he hasn't been talking enough about, again i
7:45 am
think that's one of the reasons he's not doing that well in the polls now. heather: you've been following the economy and politics for a long type. what specifically do you expect him to add to these speeches and in the campaign ads? >> the narrative and the storyline that barack obama has used very effectively over the last couple of months is barack obama is saying i am the candidate of the middle class, and i think if mitt romney is going to win this race he has to basically say first of all, barack obama isn't the candidate of the middle class, the middle class has lost $4,000 of income while he's been president. second of all he has to say look my tax restructuring plan, more prodevelopment energy policy. deregulating, get small businesses back in action. heather: he's going to have to throw again into the details to make a lot of republicans and independents happy. this is a big choice we have. let's look at some statistics that we have here despite more than 40 months of unemployment higher than 8% the president is still pretty favorable when it comes to the economy among a lot
7:46 am
of voters. this poll saying that likely to improve the economy the president beats out mitt romney. how do you explain that? >> boy, that is hard to explain. i think you can only explain it by the fact that obama has done a very good job of saying, i've done the best i can. one of the things that mitt romney basically has to say is wait a minute this is the president that told us three and a half years ago that if i hadn't fixed things and if the economy wasn't better that i'd be a one-term president. now what barack obama is saying is this is the best we could do. heather: romney already tried that message. he did that at the republican convention and that doesn't seem to have got even him any ground. >> i think he has to keep pounding that message. one of the things he could do is quote from what ben bernanke said on thursday. ben bernanke gave a very dire assessment of the economy before he basically said we have to have qe3. heather: a lot of folks won't be paying attention to the details of all that green eye shade stuff that came out last week. >> the american people know that there is something fundamentally
7:47 am
wrong with the economy. the other thing he has to do is connect the dotss between theee norm news debt and government expansion over the last four years and how that eupl perfectlies america's future and puts us in a death spiral that looks very much like europe. i don't think the romney campaign has done a good enough job connect account the dots to the american people so they really see why this puts their financial future in jeopardy. heather: we will here more from ryan president bush about that debt. one last thing, a poll coming out that says that more americans polled trust president obama on the issue of taxes than they do mitt romney. it looks like they are in some trouble there. >> boy, that is a catastrophe. it shows that barack obama has got even his message out better than mitt romney has. barack obama keeps hitting romney over the head saying this is just a tax cut for the rich. one of the things that mitt romney has to explain to people, look if you're a middle class family you're going to get a big tax cut under my plan.
7:48 am
barack obama says mitt romney will raise taxes under his plan. heather: thank you. bill: jon scott is here now. "happening now" now rolls your way 12 minutes away. jon: the race for the white house is heating up. appearances by both campaigns from coast to coast. we have them covered, a renewed focus from both sides on the economy, this as foreign news continues to claim headlines. more violence today in afghanistan, tunisia pakistan, beirut, tphao*e indonesia r-r. a hard sell by the obama administration on just what happened to our diplomats in libya. and talking about iran's nuclear april bigses. see you in a few minutes. bill: a lot to talk about. we'll see you then. fox news alert watching this develop on the streets of beirut, lebanon these are protests organized by
7:49 am
hezbollah. lebanon is the next country to make its voice heard after this. the rioting we watched in kabul, afghanistan a short time ago, we will take you live to beirut in a moment here. [chanting] that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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heather: listen to this story right here. a newborn baby girl will now have quite the story to tell when she grows up. her name is shawna arlen, that was the mother at least. she headed to the hospital room, she realized her baby wouldn't wait any longer. her and her boyfriend pulled over to the nascar speedway parking lot and they delivered the baby themselves. >> you feel every emotion at that moment. you're scared, you're excited, worried, happy, it's one of
7:53 am
those moments where you don't know what to do. >> she looked down and saw the head. there you go. mother and baby are doing just fine and what makes the story even cuter is that nascar is giving the baby tickets for life. heather: when that baby is coming, that baby is coming. bill: when he's ready he will let you know. he crossed the finish line in a unique way. the u.s. army spelling out $90 million to keep american troops safe on the battle group. they are enlisting the help of top researchers to develop new body armor to potentially save lives. laura ingle is live with more. >> the military reaching out to research universities, including john hop i kings and rut ker rut kers to revolutionize the way armor is designed.
7:54 am
>> the threats range from improved simple ballistic threats such as bullets that will improve to more complex threats such as improvised explosive devices. rut kers it involves manipulating materials under extreme heat to reduce the weight of body armor by 30% by making it 50% more efficient. >> we are not just going into a cabinet pulling out materials and testing them one at a time saying, do they work. we are going in that cabinet taking that material out and saying how do we change it to make it work. >> working with a $90 million award from the army johns hopkins is leading the team. >> what are we about to see here? >> our about to see the moment of impact. >> firing, three, two, one -- >> the hopkins extreme materials institute runs experiments to measure and better understand how he will amounts respond when subjected to high velocity
7:55 am
circumstances. >> what we do is try to protect the people who protect us. heather: another goal in reducing the amount of time it takes to get the new and improved aerpl into the field something that the scientists we spoke to say if you're going to give someone something to wear and say this is going to protect you you better know that it is going to do exactly that. bill: money well spent. heather: new developments in the investigation into the deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in libya. did al-qaida play a role in that attack? we'll look at that question. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition.
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mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and you never need a referral. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. bill: we were waiting on this analysis. rahm emanuel, the mayor of chicago, has gone to court ordering the teachers to return to work immediately. chicago teachers strike stretches now into its second week. we're talking about a hundreds and thousands of and thousands of schoolkids and all the parents and familying -- families with a
7:59 am
change in plans. we'll see whether or not the judge upholds this. rahm emanuel going to court. >> it is the insister section -- intersection of policy and pastries. it is called the bukin. bill: buskin. >> sorry. it accurately predicted president obama's win in 2008 by selling cookies lead be up to november. at 2.25 a pop customers can choose between president obama and governor romney. roughly 6,000 will be made between now and november. we'll let you know how this one crumb bells. pretty good there. bill: they have excellent bread. >> you've been there. you're the ohio guy. bill: sell these cookies with little yellow front and little smiley face. outstanding. next time you're in town. >> i will pick some up. bill: good to be with you today. >> l


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